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Veterans of Ministry of Internal Affairs insist on returning their perks


During the personal reception of Member of Ukrainian Parliament Valeriy Pysarenko, Kharkov residents as always raises hundreds of problematic issues. As Member of the Parliament noted, now most of these issues are concerning juridical consultations and less communal ones.

Valeriy Pysarenko, Member of Ukrainian Parliament:

"For help in clarifying certain norms of the law, by which perks, pensions, guarantees were eliminated. Such norms often violate human rights, who, having worked all their lives, expected that the state will pay their obligations honestly and today people actually left with nothing. The legal service is working to help people in such matters, explaining somewhere how to help apply to the courts, somewhere we are drafting bills so that, with a reasonable majority in the Parliament, they can be held in order to return people their rights."

So this time the whole delegation of MIA veterans, who were deprived of all kinds of perks, that were once provided by the state, applied to Valeriy Pysarenko.

Vyacheslav Bogaenko, MIA veteran:

"When I went to work in the internal affairs bodies, they guaranteed me and my family members for whole life 50% of the payment for public utilities. As a proof, I have an official document with the state seal." We are not beggars, we ask and demand, that the state should return to us what it guaranteed."

This is not their first meeting with the Member of the Parliament. For sure, this issue needs to be solved at the state level.

Vladimir Karyakin, Head of the GO "Association of Veterans of Internal Affairs in Kharkov region":

"Why did we apply to Valeriy Vladimirovich. You see, 230,000 veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine now have an amazing situation, a new police was created, and there is no any mi lit ia now as it was." The law on the militia ceased to exist, and in the law on the police we were not found and it turned out that veterans, retired internal affairs officers have been left out."

MP responded immediately after the first appeal of veterans. He initiated amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the national police" on return of the perks to the former officers of militia.

Valeriy Pysarenko, MP of Ukraine:

"Firstly, this is our bill, which we already registered in the Parliament. Secondly, we are considering the possibility of preparing an appeal to the Constitutional Court on this issue, and also our legal team are considering the possibility of applying to the European Court of Human Rights regarding this issue. We met with the initiative group of Kharkov citizens, veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and discussed technical aspects of implementation of this issue."

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