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Verkhovna Rada intends to increase penalties for cruelty to animals and animal waste


The stronger punishments will be imposed for cruelty to animals and for owners who failed to clean up after their animals. Respective initiatives of the member of the Ukrainian Parliament Valeriy Pysarenko together with Kharkiv communal facility “Center for treatment of animals” was supported by the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Environmental Policy, Natural Resources and Rectification of the Consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe.

In order to ensure safety and protection of animals from cruelty, Valeriy Pysarenko suggested to impose penalty for accused in the amount from fifty (850 UAH) to one hundred (1700 UAH) of non-taxable minimum incomes (today the size of this penalty is amounted from nine (153 UAH) to twenty one (357 UAH) of non-taxable minimum incomes.

Besides, Mr. Pysarenko amended the Article 154 of the COA on strengthening administrative responsibility for violation of the rules as for keeping dogs and cats, including pollution of public areas with animal waste.

In particular, the member of the Parliament suggested to increase the amount of penalties from 17 to 51 UAH (as for today) . According to Mr. Pysarenko, adequate penalty to be applied for the guardian if he fails to pick up waste after his animal will be amounted from 170 to 340 UAH. Subsequent penalty will be from 340 to 850 UAH with confiscation of animals.

These changes will enter into force if the Parliament votes in favor of the draft laws 3445 ( from 10.11.2015 ) “On Amendments to certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (on protection of fauna and flora under international agreements)” and 2023 (from 04.02.2015) “On amendments to certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (regarding the implementation of the Convention of 1979 on protection of wild flora and fauna and natural habitats in Europe)”.

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