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Valeriy Pysarenko: "Ukraine is dying. And this is not a metaphor."


Valerіy Pysarenko: "Today we are witnesses of dying process of Ukraine...

And this is not a metaphor or an exaggeration. This is a terrible truth. This is the rare case when you hate the truth and do not want to believe in it. However, the facts are inexorable ...

According to various sources, over the past 20 years, the population of Ukraine has decreased by almost 10 million people. Unfortunately, this is an absolute world record in terms of extinction ...

Think... how it can be possible... diring 15-20 years Ukraine has lost a population that is equal to two! .. I repeat, two Finland! .. Or one of Greece!

What can we talk about and what kind of rhetoric can we raise when the bill in the last few years has gone into millions!
The problem of depopulation has become a characteristic feature for Ukraine. And the trend of population decline is very active. If do not start to solve this problem immediately - the demographic situation will become worse.

That is why we offer a number of key proposals, the implementation of which will be able to stop the total reduction of the population of Ukraine and the outflow of labor and intelligence abroad.

No need for unsubstantiated manifestos and slogans to convince that "here" is better than "there."

It is just necessary to create conditions where economically - the social climate of the country will be so comfortable that our citizens will have no reason to leave their homes. After all, this is natural - a person searches where it is better. Let's do it better here. "

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