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Valeriy Pysarenko told about how to change the price of gas for the population


Valeriy Pysarenko: “Today, everyone in the Cabinet of Ministers is happy: “ Rising of gas prices will bring billion hryvnias to the country's budget ”! And how the life of Ukrainians will change as a result of this? How many Ukrainians will leave the country because of such a high tariff for utilities?

We demand that the government think about these issues. We will not lower the degree of pressure on the government until it comes to meet us!

☑ The Cabinet of Ministers thinks that gas pricing is already solved task. We believe that the rising of tariffs is unreasonable!

☑ Today, the Parliament should not be disturbed by bills neither about plants, nor about animals, nor about significant dates and events. Only the fight against overpriced gas!

☑ The state must take the hit. Do not get excess profits from the production of its own gas. Do not pay bonuses to managers of Naftogaz for $ 50 million. Send this money for compensation of high tariffs for utilities. "

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