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Valeriy Pysarenko: The renaming of regions doesn’t care much for Ukrainians


Valeriy Pysarenko: "Today, people are concerned about the problems of the world, where they will work, where their children will study, how much they will pay for utilities.
The question of renaming cities and regions today is only needed to divert attention, it is not a matter of the country agenda.

And if we have already raised it in Parliament, then why does not anyone bother with the question of economics? Why do not we think, as cities and regions that we want to rename, return to industrial status? Why do the representatives of these cities and regions are not saying today that dozens of factories that worked, paid taxes, gave people jobs, are closed today and there are no plans to resume production or do something new? Why is it being discussed today and they are trying to sell this to us, as a victory, just a change of names without changes inside of the region?

Therefore, I am sure and believe that from the rostrum of the Parliament we need to speak not loudly, but with meaning. And with meaning, we need to take three or four main questions that people are really worried about today, and work on them. "

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