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Valeriy Pysarenko saved the oldest circus named after Henry Hrikke in Ukraine


Circus of Henry Hrikke, the oldest circus in Ukraine, more commonly known as the Old Circus of Kharkov, is saved.

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Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has entrusted the State Circus Ukrainian Company to include it in asset list, save Circus building as a monument of architecture and cultural heritage of Slobozhanshchina and organize activity of circus team.

The Ministry of Culture made up this decision after appeal of Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Valeriy Pysarenko.

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The parliamentarian paid attention of officials that the Circus with the huge history is on the verge of extinction. Although it is a state enterprise, its financing today is completely absent, and its walls never knew repair..

"On May 2013 the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine launched the reorganization process of specified public enterprise and then turning it into the State enterprise " State Circus Ukrainian Company. " However, over the past four years, the reorganization process has not been completed, so that, since April 1, 2015 Old Circus left completely without funding ", - stated in appeal.

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Today the circus is on force outage and performance team tries to save its unique building that is a monument of architecture and urban planning of local importance listed in the State Register of immovable monuments of Ukraine.

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This year Circus will be already 111 years. It is one of ten oldest circuses in the world who are still working for its intended purpose. Here Ukrainian circus collective was firstly created. In this circus, clown duo Bim-Bom, brothers Vladimir and Anatoliy Durov, Trutstsy family made performance. Later here the clown Oleg Popov made his first creative steps, clown Yuriy Nikulin was working out his shows.


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