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Valeriy Pysarenko reminds the kabmin about the debt before "children of war"


Valeriy Pysarenko: "I would like to speak today at the parliamentary stands stating with that the government has withdrawn itself from solving social problems of people. For each my appeal I received a standard blank reply.

The Cabinet and the current government prepared "improvement" for their people. Finally. In the fifth year of work. One month before the election.

They promised to increase pensions and started paying them. So that people can solve their everyday problems. Social assistance for children are going to increase.

The only thing they did not say, that they were those ones who cancelled all these payments but now demonstrate it as a victory.

I would like to advise one more idea for the Cabinet. Perhaps before the elections, it will be possible to implement as well.

These are social payments to "children of war". At first, they have a special status, various privileges and preferences - retirement benefits, and so on. And then the state began to forget about the “inconvenient for the government category of the population.”

Today, thousands of pensioners which have the status of "children of war", ate unsuccessfully seeking legal supplements to their pensions. The legal basis for such payment exists, but in fact there are no payments, unfortunately.

Dear government, "children of war" are waiting when you return to them debts."

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