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Valeriy Pysarenko protects children's right for education in hospitals


Valeriy Pysarenko, Member of Ukrainian Parliament, reinstated the educational system at medical institutions at the state level.

The corresponding Draft Law No. 8261 was registered by the Parliamentarian in the Verkhovna Rada.

"Today, Ukraine has no right for education for small patients in hospital, and unfortunately, the state has left tens of thousands of hard-sick children who need long-term treatment and rehabilitation in hospitals. They have no opportunity to study and engage with instructors, compared with healthy children. So, their physical condition stabilizes, but the lag in knowledge from peers, the loss of contacts, complexes will give meaning ", - the author of the Draft Law says.


According to Valeriy Pysarenko’s words, the interaction of the school and the hospital is the norm in the whole civilized world. In particular, children can freely acquire education in children's hospitals in Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, the USA, Japan, where teachers are involved in both beddings and in an equipped room during breaks between procedures.

"If our Draft Law is adopted, education in children's hospitals will become mandatory in the whole Ukraine. We will finally come up with an official document - a law that will regulate the issues of establishing schools at schools and classes for the education of children who have long been forced to be on a stationary treatment. "-  the Deputy says.

In addition, according to Pysarenko’s words, the law will protect the right of children for education. And all Ukrainian schools and hospitals will have an effective algorithm, a roadmap, how to organize the process of learning for children in medical institutions in a way that is convenient for them.

For example, if the parents of child who is on a long-term treatment are applying for an educational process for her or his, nobody will be able to refuse even if the child is only one in the hospital.

"A hospital class or group is compulsorily formed by a school, which is secured to the territory where the hospital is located, the classes may be formed from students of one or different age. In hospitals, the number of pupils is determined by the fullness of the health facilities but must make up not less than five persons. In the case of fewer students, classes are conducted on the basis of individual or other forms of training. "- stated in the text of the Draft Law.

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