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Valeriy Pysarenko proposes making punishment for violations during the elections stricter in 10 times


Member of Ukrainian Parliament Valeriy Pysarenko proposes to increase the penalties by 10 times and increase criminal responsibility for violations related to the election process.

The politician registered the Draft Law on strengthening responsibility for violation of electoral legislation, which is an alternative to those one the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced.

Valeriy Pysarenko fully supports the initiative of the Cabinet, but believes that the punishment should be more stringent, therefore, all fines for violation of the right to vote should be increased in 10 times.

In particular, it is proposed to establish that the pre-election campaign, which is accompanied by the provision of money, goods, services, benefits, securities, loans, lottery tickets, other tangible and intangible assets to voters, enterprises, organizations is punishable by a fine from 8 500 UAH up to 13 600 UAH.

Violation of the procedure for conducting pre-election campaigning, agitation during the preparation and holding of a referendum using mass media will cost offenders from 1 700 UAH up to 8 500 UAH. Maintenance of official communications during the electoral process with comments of agitatorisch nature - from 8 500 UAH up to 17 000 UAH.

Failure to provide the relevant subject with an electoral process in respect of which information that he considers unreliable is widespread, the opportunity to make public an answer regarding such information - from 17 000 UAH up to 25 500 UAH.

Illegal use of a ballot paper, a ballot for voting in a referendum, a vote by a voter, a referendum participant more than once, illegal throw-in of ballots or ballots for a referendum - from 17 000 UAH up to 51 000 UAH.

But for bribing the voter, Member of Ukrainian Parliament provides for punishment in the form of restriction of freedom for up to 3 years or imprisonment for up to 6 years, with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions for up to 5 years. For the adoption of such an offer - a fine from 17 000 UAH up to 51 000 UAH, correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonment for the same period.

In addition, Valeriy Pysarenko proposes to separate into a separate article provisions on the bribery of a candidate who is running for election (the so-called technical candidates) and increase, in comparison with the proposal of the government, the responsibility for such an offense:

- for the grant of such an offer - restriction of freedom for up to 4 years or imprisonment for up to 7 years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions for up to 5 years;

- for acceptance - a fine from 34 000 UAH up to 68 000 UAH, correctional labor for up to 2 years, or imprisonment for the same period.

There are also innovations in the Draft Law of the Parliamentarian.

Valeriy Pysarenko believes that it is necessary to fine for the dissemination of false information about the candidate.

The lawbreaker will pay from 8 500 UAH in 13 600 UAH or, if the law is violated by an official, the fine will be from 13 600 UAH up to 17000 UAH.

Administrative liability is also envisaged for the use of funds from the state budget allocated for financing the statutory activity of a political party, not on purpose. For such actions it is necessary to lay out from 1 1900 UAH up to 17 000 UAH.

Also, the politician proposes to legislatively regulate the issue of punishment for the use during the election race in commercial and social advertising of names or portraits of candidates for the office of the President of Ukraine, deputies, names or symbols of parties.

For such a violation will be fined from 8 500 UAH up to 13 600 UAH. For its repetition within a year it is necessary to pay 25 500 UAH.

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