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Valeriy Pysarenko presented to the United Nations the concept of creation of Country Progress Index on the renewable energy development


Presentation of Country Progress Index on the renewable energy development

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Dear friends and colleagues!

Let me start by thanking all our Bureau members for supporting my initiative and including into the Work Plan 2018-2019 the provision on the creation of a unified system of energy indicators for sustainable development of UNECE countries.

I also want to say thank you to the Bureau's expert - Mr. Laszlo Horvath for initiated dialogue and constructive working proposals.

I`ve studied them and fully support your vision. In addition, I agree with you that the scientific institutes or THINKTANKs should help us in developing the methodology of indicator planning.

And we must prepare detailed project in good quality.

Admit, today it`s not enough just to talk about global energy problems, climate change, pollution of environment and transition to RES.

We need widespread communication tools that show progress in these areas. And this progress can be dertemined only with the help of certain indicators.

Yes, my idea isn`t new. Today, on the Internet, there are a lot of different indicators and indexes of the Sustainable Development Goals, created under the auspices of United Nations, world foundations and public organizations.

The problem is one - they are not available. It means - firstly– they are difficult to understand. And, secondly, it`s often not enough grafic. On sites we see a plenty of hyperlinks or hundreds of pages with small text.

If you remember, "Burgeromics" has never been conceived as an accurate way of measuring currencies, but rather as a tool to simplify understanding of the theory of purchasing power parity.

But thanks to the simplicity and bright visual image, the Big Mac Index became the world standard. Today it is included in a number of economic textbooks and, at least, in 20 academic studies.

My proposal is to create the same accessible and understandable to all Index - the progress rating of countries in renewable energy development.

Working on this parameter, we will help countries to intensify, make work on introduction and use of natural energy sources more efficient.

And also - we will offer a platform for comparing their efforts with the efforts of countries at different levels of economic development and with the progress of the region as a whole.

What is the most important - our Index is not intended to predict future success or failure. As well as Big Mac Index doesn`t indicate currency rate for tomorrow.

The real goal of such indicators is to be an indicator of what is happening.

That is, our Index will only reflect the current state of RES development in a particular country.

And now let me tell in details on the concept of my idea and the calculation methodology ...

At the initial stage, I propose to include into the Index- 6 indicators, the values ​​of which will be calculated from the worst to the best and added to the final result from 1 to 10 points.

For each country we will construct an energy triangle and for each of 3 sides we`ll define indicators, which will be analyzed:

So, the first side: Energy Security.

Here, we calculate the share of renewable energy sources in the total energy consumption of the SHARES tools (Short Assessment of Renewable Energy Sources).

For UNECE countries that are not members of the European Union, we propose at the first stage - send us their data on the share of RES in the total energy consumption - and then for calculations use the UNECE methodology, which we`ll develop on the basis of the SHARES tools.

Second side: Development Affordability.

Here we define:

- Ease of obtaining construction permits;

- Accessibility of connection to the power supply system;

- Simplicity of creation of the enterprises;

- Speed property registration.

 We`ll get this data from Doing Business rating.

The third side of the triangle: Environmental Sustainability.

This is an indicator of environmental efficiency, characterizing the degree of success of public policy in the field of environmental protection and public health.

Let's calculate the Index for Switzerland and Ukraine.

Let's say a country has 10% of renewable energy sources - it's 1 point out of 10.

And if it takes 31 place in the Doing business rating out of 190 countries, then this is 8.3 points out of 10. And so on.

Thus, for Switzerland, the average index according to 6 used indicators is - 6,2, while for Ukraine only 4 and a half points.

Such a simple method of calculation gives a clear understanding of the level of the country development in the field of renewable energy and ecology.

And the image of the white button, which I propose to assign to our Index, will visually demonstrate the level of energy progress.

What I mean?...

Remember - at the winter session - we conducted an interactive exhibition "Chernobyl. Inside."

Then we called the nuclear power stations - red buttons. A renewable energy - a white button.

So I suggest for the visualization of our Index use the image of the button, which will initially be red, and as far as renewable energy will develop - becomes white.

Everything will be simple and understandable: the whiter button the country has, the more clean and renewable energy in its energy system.

Accordingly, the index itself will bear the name - "White Button Index ".

Index figers and its indicators will also be easily accessible, like hotel rating on the popular service;

Well, to ensure that our research provides barrier-free access and ease of citing it in the media - we can create a separate platform:

This is just a brief concept of Index creation - ahead we have a lot of work to do.

I welcome healthy criticism, any contributions and thoughts on this matter and expect a fruitful discussion!

Well, I encourage you to create more white buttons for our planet, to inspire the whole world for creation of a safe future for the next generations.

Thank you for your attention, I wish you all a successful and fruitful session.

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