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Valeriy Pysarenko: It is necessary to revive the Parliament by activating its key functions


Valeriy Pysarenko: "If we want to be able to respond to existing challenges, the Parliament should activate its key constitutional functions.

To do this, we need to bring the relevant bills to the hall and vote for them.

I am convinced that in this cadence we must adopt a law on temporary investigation commissions. Parliament today is deprived of tools to control and respond to the illegal actions of high-ranking government officials. Journalistic investigations show us that law enforcement agencies do not respond to corruption on a large scale, and some of them are involved in corruption schemes.

The second. Must be a law on the opposition. Today, the parliamentary majority has withdrawn from the fight against corruption. And we, the opposition, have no rights and authorities for this.

And the third law, which we are obliged to adopt, on the impeachment of the president. Our task is to build a system of checks and balances between branches of government and ensure its normal functioning. "

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