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Valeriy Pysarenko is against the adoption of a new medical reform


No to Suprun`s Medical reform! People's deputies, who were elected from Kharkov, ring alarm. They notice that model of medical reform which is going to be adopted in Ukraine should not be allowed to implement. In particular, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Valeriy Pysarenko stated this.

The reform that is going to be adopted in Ukraine should not be allowed to implement Valeriy Pysarenko says. It will lead to the closure of hospitals and getting medical care far from the place of residence. Moreover, the parliamentarian continues, recently there are many non-professional people in the specialized ministry. Therefore, the task of the Kharkov deputies is prevention of the adoption of innovations proposed by Minister Ulyana Suprun.

"We see that there are problems with provision hospitals with medicine, we see problems with wage for doctors, see a low level of financial support from the center to regional health systems." We are already today addressing different levels of government to draw attention to the inadmissibility of adopting Reforms that today won’t help people at such a difficult time, but, on the contrary, will damage the entire health care system. " Building anything new, they want to destroy to the root the system that has worked for many years,"- Valeriy Pysarenko concluded.

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