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Valeriy Pysarenko helps to establish order in Kharkov


Vera Grigoryevna proudly tells how the entrance hall and the yard of the house №11 along Kosmicheskaya Street have changed. At first, the residents tried to restore order by their own means. They whitewashed, painted, but they could not afford the global works. Then, as always, they say, they applied for help to the People's Deputy of Ukraine, Valeriy Pysarenko, who takes care of the Shevchenkovskiy district..

"On any issues: asphalting, playground – Valeriy Vladimirovich helped with everything. I'm going to him as to my own son. He never said "no". You can wait of course a little, but always he said "yes", - resident of the house №11 on Kosmicheskaya Street, Vera Skorina says.

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"The activity of residents and somewhere patience lead always to the result. And it is very pleasant when you can see this result, evaluate the work of the Kharkov city services and local Deputies, as well as our common interaction," - The Member of the Parliament, Valeriy Pysarenko says.

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Joint work, and as a result - exemplary accomplishment. The roof was repaired , the elevator was secured farm from vandals.

"Lattice was made, so that nobody could get to the roof, because there was a mess, elevators were constantly  broking down, but now everything is done, everything is closed, the locks have been hung up, everything is fine, strangers  is not penetrating," - the resident of the house №11 on Kosmicheskaya Street, Alla Zhadan shares her opinion.

Outdoors, the same order. Entrance group, asphalted paths, an ordered place for the rest. There was also a small football field and a playground for children.

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"Of course, I want to help everyone in all matters, but we understand that simultaneously it is all problematic. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that despite all the difficulties in the country, today Kharkov continues to develop dynamically, and the improvement of the housing economy is constantly taking place. It is very important that the Kharkov city government, the mayor of the city and Kharkov citizens work as one big team so that we have such daily changes," - People's Deputy of Ukraine Valeriy Pysarenko says.

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