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Valeriy Pysarenko demands vetoing a law that would deprive students of scholarship


MP Valeriy Pysarenko demand to put veto on the bill №5130, which could deprive students scholarships.

MP sent letter of request to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and offered to return the bill for reconsideration to the Verkhovna Rada.

"Article 22 of the Constitution of Ukraine established that the adoption of new laws or amending existing laws shall not be diminished of content and scope existing rights and freedoms. However, despite this requirement, December 6, 2016 the Parliament of Ukraine adopted "as a basis and generally" draft law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine (registration number 5130 of 15/09/2016), which repealed and are dependent on decisions of Government constitutionally guarantee rights of students for scholarships",- written in the letter.

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In particular, Valeriy Pysarenko supported the request of student organizations return to the Law of Ukraine "On education" guarantees on the amount of scholarship and the percentage of students who receive them, leave a minimum proportion of students receiving scholarship at ⅔ and increase the amount of scholarships to the minimum subsistence level.

According to the adopted bill, now the Cabinet and the Academic Council at their discretion will decide how and to whom to pay. In his opinion, such a scheme of allocation is unfair and can turn examination into a real war. Some students absorb senseless struggle for evaluation, and the rest will have to look for a variety of undermining an adequate standard of living.

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In addition, the law abolishes the rights guaranteed by state increased scholarships for children and people affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe, orphans and children deprived of parental care.

"This rule does not correspond to the requirements of adequate social protection of vulnerable persons with special needs in securing their life", - the deputy said.

Valeriy Pysarenko believes that veto on the draft law №5130 must be put immediately because the new rules of providing scholarship for students will deprive of scholarship  and will cause job cut  in universities.

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