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Valeriy Pysarenko asks to change the procedure for calculation of academic scholarship


The People's Deputy of Ukraine, Valeriy Pysarenko asks the Cabinet of Ministers to revise the procedure for calculation of academic scholarships as soon as possible and establish a common percentage for the entire educational institution without further differentiation for each faculty or course.

According to Valeriy Pysarenko's words, the student community is disappointed in the government new approach to the payment of scholarship, namely, in the rating system of assigning monetary rewards for academic success.

Earlier, depending on the semester, about 70-75% of students received an academic scholarship, now the percentage cannot be more than 45. It is not appropriate that in a group where four people only one can receive a scholarship as this is already 45%, and if there will be two students with high rates in a group they both will not be able to receive scholarship because it will be 50% when the limit is 45%.

Member of the Parliament says: "Master`s students are one of the best students, and due to the fact that the number of budget students is small, many master`s students do not receive an academic scholarship, despite the fact that their average score is 90 and higher".

It turns out that the scholarship today depends not only on your own rating score, but also on how proportionally other students are represented in the group. In addition, the lack of competition between different specialties, courses and faculties leads to the fact that students with a significantly lower rating are eligible for scholarships in respect of those students who received a significantly higher rating.

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