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Valeriy Pysarenko asks the Cabinet to support the initiative of creation a genetic clinic in Kharkiv


The Clinical Department of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with hereditary rare diseases on the basis of the Kharkiv Interregional Specialized Medical Genetic Center is requested by the Cabinet of Ministers, Member of Ukrainian Parliament Valeriy Pysarenko.

The Parliamentarian appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine with a request to give appropriate instructions to provide premises for a genetic clinic Kharkiv Interregional Specialized Medical Genetic Center for Rare Diseases.

"Research and treatment of rare diseases can not only improve the health of patients but also increase the life expectancy of the population, so today, when every year we become less than 200 thousand people, the opening of a permanent department of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with inherited rare diseases is an urgent need. for Ukraine ", Valeriy Pysarenko explained.

According to the words of Member of Ukrainian Parliament, the in-patient department should be located near the medical-genetic center. It will allow to create optimal conditions for operative diagnosis and provision of comprehensive rehabilitation and medical care.

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