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Valeriy Pysarenko asks the Cabinet to develop a procedure for the return of pension debts to displaced pensioners


Since May 2018, resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers has been in force in Ukraine, according to which retired displaced people who have been temporarily denied pensions cannot receive their payments before applying to the Pension Fund, and even if they apply, they are paid out from the moment they applied, but not all indebtedness fully from the moment of their suspension.

The resulting pension debts, according to the same resolution, must be paid on the basis of a special procedure for the payment of these debts. This order was obliged to promptly develop the government in May last year. But even today there is no such document.

Valeriy Pysarenko notes that the arrears in the payment of pensions to internally displaced persons in the Kharkiv region alone amount to about 200 million.

The Politician calls on the authorities to recall their social function and requires urgently to develop and approve the procedure for the return of pension debts to displaced pensioners.

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