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Valeriy Pysarenko about fear and hope


Today, April 26, Ukraine celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

And I want to write today about fear and hope.

Everyone has things that scare us. But there are things, which are frightening the whole humanity. Such things are nuclear and technogenic disasters with global reach.Everything connected with radiation has a planetary scale.

In times of nuclear tests on the atolls the blast wave from each explosion flew around the Earth 2.5(two and the half) times. During the armaments race nuclear power plants launched to enrich plutonium. Military technology has been released into the world without appropriate verifications and risk assessments.

As a result - nuclear technology cost humanity billion of human lives – exactly this amount of people died and weren`t born as a result of atom splitting.

Each nuclear power plant , regardless of the degree of provided security, is a red button. Such red button was Three Mile Island in the USA, Chernobyl in Ukraine and Fukushima in Japan. There are 450(four hundred and fifty) such red buttons in the world by the number of nuclear power units, and 60(sixty) more are under construction at the moment.

I can`t say for everybody, but I find it`s strange to see the nuclear power plants in the world of robots and super technologies. They look like super dangerous tyrannosaurs from the past and it`s not clear how they could remain in the world, that is focused on its own safety and survival.

We learnt long ago how to produce cheap and clean solar and wind energy. It is cheap not only in dollars – what is the most important - it doesn`t cost human lives.

For me each solar or wind power, each solar panel or wind turbine is a new white button, which will save us, providing us with energy that doesn`t have in its composition probability of destruction of mankind as a species.

I do want the 31st Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster remind each of us of the fundamental importance of rejecting of nuclear energy in favor of renewable one.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant did not explode in Ukraine. It exploded on the planet Earth. As there are no boundaries for radiation, there is no salvation from it.

Each nuclear power plant on the planet is a red button. And no one knows when it will be pressed again.


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