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Ukrainian schools need specialists for implementation of inclusive education


Member of Ukrainian Parliament Valeriy Pysarenko asks the Government to provide schools with specialists to start the process of implementation of inclusive education in Ukraine.

The parliamentarian explained the problem on the example of Kharkiv.

"Now 10 Kharkiv schools conduct inclusive education. Each school has one class where children with special educational needs study. So today Kharkiv needs only 10 teachers' assistants to work with such children, but even such a small number of specialists cannot be provided, "- says Mr. Pysarenko.

Therefore, Member of Ukrainian Parliament asks the Cabinet of Ministers to organize the professional training of personnel for work with children with special educational needs, in order to provide school specialists in a timely manner.

Today in Ukraine there is no state program to train such specialists, but inclusive education is already practiced.

"The teacher should have an assistant who will, for example, take the child to the toilet, bring the child with cerebral palsy to the study, give textbooks and school supplies." Schools need to be equipped with ramps and handrails in the toilets, etc., "Valeriy Pysarenko concluded.

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