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Uber wants to take over public transit, one small town at a time


By Spencer Woodman, The Verge

Our big feature this week was "Welcome to Uberville," a deep look by freelance journalist Spencer Woodman into what happens when a small town turns to Uber to meet its public transportation needs. We sent Woodman down to Altamonte Springs, Florida, and the story he came back with poses as many questions as it answers: who gets left behind when Uber takes over mass transit? As public-private partnerships like these start to spread, what kind of information should Uber be forced to disclose? And finally, why doesn’t Uber want its logo "on things like napkins or paper plates that would be quickly thrown away; on dartboards or urinals; on food, which...will be sliced, broken, eaten, and is associated with the feces it will later become; or on underwear, condoms, ‘or anything else that would link Uber and sexual situations’"?

Read the original text at

If you haven’t had a chance to read Woodman’s story, we suggest giving it a listen:

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