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The electoral code, adopted as a basis, will not be adopted by the Parliament as a whole


"The electoral code, which was adopted by the Parliament as a basis, will not be adopted as a whole in this version, as it is now," Valeriy Pysarenko, Member of Ukrainian Parliament, said during a live on TV channel "ZIK".

According to the People's Deputy opinion, this document does not meet the needs of people. The system proposed in it does not solve the issue of open lists - people, as now, will not be able to see who they vote for.

"With regard to the presidential elections, everything is silent there, and there is simply a struggle for power, and nobody is considering what ideas the candidates are offering, how they will improve the people's destiny, and they all talk only about who will be the next president. It is not so important who will be the new President, but it is important - what he will bring in our lives. We have seen in recent years that the President does not change life for the better. " - Valeriy Pysarenko summed up.

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