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Elon Musk decided to "reinvent" education


Inventor, entrepreneur and founder of Space X Elon Musk deserved to be considered as a workaholic. His working week exeeds one hundred hours, and he actually lives at work or in the plane between the offices of his companies. Despite such occupation, he believes that smart people should have as many children as possible. Mr. Musk has 5 children: 9-year-old triplets and a 11-year-old twins.

Musk believes that it is very important to give children a wide education and to teach them to think critically. His children began their education in Mirmansk school for gifted children in Los Angeles. This prestigious school can be reached only by passing a special IQ-test, and among its alumnus is former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold. However, even this school was inappropriate from the standpoint of Elon Musk. Unable to find the perfect school for their children, he opened his own and named it Ad Astra - sounds like that the second half of the Latin proverb, an analogue of our "Through thorns to the stars." It is located in Southern California, now not more than 20 people study there - all of them are children of SpaceX employees. For his project businessman lured a teacher from the school, where he once studied.

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According to the Musk`s words, the school lacks the traditional American educational institutions and structures are not guided by pre-written curriculum, and that is interesting to the child at the moment. All children are trained at the same time, as "on the factory assembly line" in the words of Musk. "Some people like the math, the other - languages ​​or music. It is much more logical to base the curriculum on what attracts the child at the time when he learns, rather than forcing to pass pre-written program, "- said Musk.

He believes that it is needed to teach children to solve problems, rather than to teach to use ready-made tools to solve them.

Usually, if you want to explain to the children the principle of the engines, you'll tell them first everything about the screwdriver and wrench - it is traditional, but very difficult approach. On the piont of view of the businessman, a much better to show and ask the child to disassemble the engine. "It will put him in the situation where the need for tools will be obvious", - he explains.

The businessman said that he founded his own school because the other "did not do what they had to do."

"I hated as to go to school when I was a child. It was torture. Now my sons can not wait to run out of vacation to go to school. I think this is a good sign, "- he admitted in an interview.

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