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By restricting the use of other languages, we limit our potential and our future


Valeriy Pysarenko: "During two weeks, we are considering a law on language in the Parliament. And we have quite a serious dispute. The question is not in individual provisions of the draft law, the question is in the philosophy that the authors laid down in the document.

Today I specifically brought the Constitution of Ukraine to the hall. So, Article 10 says that the state ensures the development of the Ukrainian language, the free use of the Russian language and the languages ​​of the national minorities of Ukraine. Ensure, but not require.

The philosophy laid down in the law contradicts what is laid down in the Constitution. So, the law on language violates the people rights.

And one more thing. Today, the most used language of sites on the Internet, according to data published by the UN, is English, it is used on 52.9% of sites. And the third place in popularity on the Internet is the Russian language. Therefore, by limiting the use of other languages, we limit the potential and future of our people."

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