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At the UN headquarters in Geneva the exhibition "Chernobyl. Inside." has opened


The interactive exhibition "Chernobyl. Inside." at the UN headquarters in Geneva, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and the completion of building of safe confinement over the 4th unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, has opened.

The initiator and organizer of the exhibition is Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Vice-Chairman of the Bureau of the Group of Experts on Renewable Energy and Vice-Chairman of the Bureau of the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, Valeriy Pysarenko.

The aim of the project "Chernobyl. Inside." - to demonstrate the consequences of the nuclear disaster and to emphasize how dangerous they are for humanity.

"Chernobyl exploded not only in Ukraine. It exploded on the planet Earth. There are no limits for radiation, there is no salvation. Each nuclear power plant on the planet is a red button. No one knows when it is pressed again. How many fates should be sacrificed to make understandable for us that our salvation is the transition to solar energy, wind, biomass. Renewable energy is a white button for humanity,"- Valeriy Pysarenko says.

The exhibition consists of two photo projects of Ukrainian artists: "When sin is not clear, there is no fault more ..." by Yurii Kosin and «Pripyat Mon Amour» by Alina Rudia.

The exhibition also presents a virtual documentary film about Chernobyl «Chernobyl VR» by Polish developers from The Farm 51 company.

Wearing a VR-glasses, you can go for an interactive journey and see the new confinement at Chernobyl - an enormous engineering construction higher than the statue of Liberty and bigger than Wembley stadium, you can walk on the abandoned school, amusement park and other objects in Pripyat.

The exposition will be opened until January 21, 2017 at the Palace des Nations, UN.

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