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author: Richard St John

Do you know the “8 to be Great”? Do you want to know how to achieve success in Business or even in Life? You must read this!

Richard St John, the author of the bestselling book “8 to be Great” had given a motivational talk at TED.

Yoo can watch the video below, but I am going to share with you his bestselling book, “8 to be Great” first.


Quotes from “8 to be Great” book:

ONE: Passion: Love what you do.

-> Get out there and explore many paths.
-> Pursue your passion, not money and fame.

TWO: Work: Really hard.

-> Success never comes easy.
-> We overvalue talent and undervalue hard work.

THREE: Focus: On one thing, not everything.

-> Spend an intense amount of time focused on the one activity you really love.
-> Worry about your interest, not your ability.

FOUR: Push: And keep on pushing yourself.

-> If you have self-doubt, you are not alone.
-> Don’t get too comfortable.

FIVE: Ideas. Come up with some good ones.

-> Make mental connection between diverse things.
-> The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of ideas.

SIX: Improve: Keep improving yourself and what you do.

-> Practice to constantly improve yourself and what you do.
-> Meet the minimum standards on your weaknesses and move on.

SEVEN: Serve: Serve others something of value.

-> Ask, “Who do you serve?” and “What value do you serve them?”
-> Listen to others and serve them something they appreciate.

EIGHT: Persist: Because there is no overnight success.

-> To succeed a lot, it helps to fail a lot.
-> Being criticized is a sign you are on your way to success.

In this book, Richard St John defines the 8 traits successful people have in common. It is really a must read book because Richard St John had painstakingly interviewed 500 Very Important Successful People over 10 years!

He had to overcome many difficulties, including breaking away from his shyness to approach those Successful People.

He had meticulously organized tons of information he gathered, into this easy to read book. You’ll definitely benefit from this book!

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