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Speech of Mr. Valeriy Pisarenko on presentation of exposition "Chernobyl.Inside." at UN, Geneva


I often have to speak in front of various audiences explaining the advantages of the renewable energy. I am happy to be surrounded by the team of fellow-thinkers, by people, who understand that renewable energy is the single option to reach sustainable future of the planet.

_<span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span>A<span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>9</span>Our worldview has now more and more supporters, in particular thanks to your activity. Everyone, who has ever heard about “Chernobyl”, “Fukushima” or “Three Mile Island” is aware about the danger of the nuclear technology of energy production. But we lack a symbol of the new world, which could pass the idea of necessity for universal transition to renewable energy sources to everyone.

I have a clear vision of such symbol.

_<span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span>A<span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>7</span>The construction of the new confinement in Chernobyl was just completed. Certainly, this is a historical event in the history of the safety of nuclear power in Ukraine and all over the world.

Massive engineering construction is taller than the Statue of Liberty and larger than Wembley Stadium. The construction lasted more than twenty years, costing more than two billion euros. NASA mission on construction of Mars rover “Curiosity” and its journey to Mars had approximately the same cost. But the major price was paid and is still being paid by human lives.

DSC_<span class='num'>1</span><span class='num'>6</span><span class='num'>5</span><span class='num'>8</span>The works on encapsulation of new arch will be completed in autumn 2017. After that, the nuclear reactor № 4 together with 200 tons of nuclear fuel remnants will be buried for approximately next 100 years.

The new confinement marks the beginning of the new epoch for the life of Chernobyl, turning it from the exclusion zone into the new area for scientific researches and investment opportunities in the nearest future.

Moreover, the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management started receiving applications for provision of land plots for construction of solar power plants.

_<span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span>A<span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>2</span>The flow of investments into renewable energy of Ukraine has significantly decreased over the last year. We have addressed the question on how to increase investments together with UNECE and REN 21 in December, during the workshop “How to attract investments in development of renewable energy in Ukraine”, which we held in Kiev.  Over two days of the workshop, we have developed recommendations to the Ukrainian government on how to improve stimulating mechanism to produce electricity using alternative sources of energy on the legislative level.

We already have the first results – large Chinese companies announced their plans to construct solar power plant with the capacity of 1 GWhe in Chernobyl in 2017.

Canadian and American investment companies have also shown interest in Chernobyl zone. In addition to solar power plants, they are planning construction of biofuel production plants.

Beyond the symbol of nuclear technologies danger, Chernobyl can and should become the symbol of the future of our planet.

_<span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span>A<span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>1</span>The world is becoming more and more divided. Beyond the gap between the poor and the rich, the major division today is between people of the past and people of the future. I have developed a simple criteria separating the past from the future. Nuclear power plants are red bottoms. They were pressed in Chernobyl, in Fukushima and Three Mile Island. Nobody knows when these bottoms will be pressed again. Renewable energy – is white bottom.  The whiter and less red bottoms we have – the better is prospective for human survival in future.

I initiated the exhibition about our sad red bottom – about Chernobyl. You can see the exhibition in the lobby of the Palace of Nations.

_<span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span>A<span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>1</span><span class='num'>9</span><span class='num'>5</span> I urge you to create more white bottoms for our planet and to encourage the entire world to create safe future for the next generations.

 May Chernobyl confinement be the only reminder of terrible mistakes of the past, which helped us to determine the actions we need to undertake in future… .

_<span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span>A<span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>4</span><span class='num'>8</span>

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