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36% of Ukrainians know nothing about EU assistance to Ukraine


About one-third of respondents believe that the EU provides assistance to Ukraine in the fight against corruption, about 22% in the sphere of defense and security and 19.3% in reforms of public administration.

<span class='num'>1</span><span class='num'>4</span><span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>9</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>1</span><span class='num'>7</span>-<span class='num'>9</span><span class='num'>9</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>4</span>

At the same time, more than one-third of respondents do not know about the EU's help to Ukraine, according to a study by the Center for Social and Marketing Research "Socis" and commissioned by 1+1 TV channel. Regionally, the residents of Kyiv more often point out that the EU provides assistance in the field of energy efficiency.

Respondents in the West of Ukraine demonstrate better awareness of EU assistance in business, as well as defense and security. Also, in the north of Ukraine, people more often indicated that the EU helps in reforming the nation’s judicial system.

<span class='num'>1</span><span class='num'>4</span><span class='num'>7</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>2</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>5</span><span class='num'>0</span><span class='num'>0</span>-<span class='num'>4</span><span class='num'>9</span><span class='num'>3</span><span class='num'>3</span>

The survey was conducted August 18-23, 2016. A total of 1,483 respondents, aged 18 years or above, took part. The sample is representative of the Ukrainian population by sex, age, size of the village and region of residence (according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine as of 01.01.2015), with the exception of the territory of Crimea and the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone.

The survey method used was a personal interview at the home of the respondent with the use of tablets (Computer Assisted Personal Interview, CAPI). The poll's margin of error does not exceed 2.6% at a 95% confidence interval.

Reporting by UNIAN.

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