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Sportsmen, who is studying, may get favorable facilities


This session of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may approve Valeriy Pysarenko`s draft law №4186, which provided guarantees to improve sports skills of young people which will give an opportunity to stand off from the educational process of young, talented sportsmen for the period of their training and participation in national and international competitions.

The Committee on Family, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism suggested that Parliament take this draft law as a basis.

Relevant Committee unanimously supported a legislative initiative of Valeriy Pysarenko, which make necessary for higher education, vocational education to provide students with individual schedules of full-time training, if they prepare or take part in sports competitions at national or international level.

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"With this draft law we give guarantees to young athletes who are getting higher or secondary education that their participation in sports will not negatively affect the educational process. It is planned to introduce a number of amendments, which will be given the same guarantees to students of senior classes of secondary schools who will distinguished themselves by significant sport achievements. Also will be resolved a number of bureaucratic procedures and avoidance of abuse on the part of sportsmen",- a committee chairman Arthur Palatniy said.

MP added that the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine supported the draft law relating guarantee to improve sports skills of young people and expressed the hope that in the parliamentary hall there will be enough votes for approval this draft law as a basis and in general.

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